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Welcome to Commuter Services of Pennsylvania

Who are we?

Commuter Services is a professionally staffed organization funded by federal Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality funds. Through our free services, we work to reduce traffic congestion by helping commuters find alternatives, other than driving alone, and by reaching out to employers so they can help their workforce find those options. Using alternatives also helps improve air quality, and fewer cars in rush hour can mean safer highways, too.

What’s in it for Employers?

Especially in many areas of Pennsylvania which have relatively low unemployment rates and competitive labor markets, having a commuter assistance effort helps employers compete for and retain a qualified workforce. Surveys show commuting costs are a major concern for many workers and often a reason to accept or stay at a job. You’d be surprised at the many ways there are to encourage or help employees. We’ll show you how.

What’s in it for Commuters?

You could save a bunch of money. Try our commute calculator and see how much you spend now. You could cut it in half just by carpooling with another person. Try transit or a train. Join a vanpool. Walk, bike or telecommute. Ask your employer to participate with Commuter Services. Check out our ridesharing program and information about reimbursement for emergency rides home. Tell a friend about us.

Who is eligible for free help?

Employers and commuters in Adams, Berks, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry, and York counties. The last census estimated that there were nearly 1.2 million commuters in this nine county area. Most now drive alone.

How do I get help?

Employers and commuters can call or email us. Commuters can enroll in the confidential ridematch program here.

Who runs this program?

Your regional chambers, transit agencies and county planning organizations developed Commuter Services and sit on our board (the Susquehanna Regional Transportation Partnership).