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Beginner Bicyclist Information

Have you been thinking about riding your bicycle to and from work, but don’t know how to get started? You came to the right place. Commuter Services has compiled tips, rules and resources that can help you with your commute. Trying something new for the first time can be overwhelming, so don’t forget the benefits of cycling; you can get fit, save money and help the environment. We hope you have a safe and fun bicycling experience!

Getting Started

Before you get started prepare yourself by reviewing the materials below. You will feel comfortable and confident when you get on the road.

  1. Make sure you are equipped with a bike lock, helmet and appropriate bicycle.
  2. Make safety a top priority when you bike to work. Try a practice run on a weekend to determine a route, identify safety hazards and time how long it takes.
  3. Always wear reflective clothing and/or arm or leg bands.
  4. Start slowly, perhaps one or two days a week, and gradually build up to bicycling more often.
  5. Find co-workers and friends who bike or walk and commute with them.


Safety Tips

Safety should never be overlooked. Share the road and think about motorist safety as well as yours.

  1. Always check equipment before you start your commute.
  2. Check the weather and be prepared for all conditions.
  3. Be alert and predictable while on the road.
  4. Make sure you are dressed for riding (stay away from baggy clothing).
  5. Wear a helmet.
  6. Obey traffic laws.


Rules of the Road

Remember if you choose bicycling as a way to commute you are required to obey the same traffic laws as a motor vehicle. Some of the most important rules to remember are listed below.

  1. Drive with traffic not against it.
  2. Stop at red lights and stop signs.
  3. Make sure riding on sidewalks is permitted in the area you are commuting (most business districts require bicycles on the road).
  4. Cyclists are not permitted to ride on expressways (such as I-83 and the PA Turnpike).

Other Resources:

Click here to check out PennDOT’s bike safety page, where you can find all state bicycle laws and other important information.

Bike Shops/Clubs

Click Here to get a list of Bike Shops and Bike Clubs in the area to help you get ready for your ride. Bike Shops and Clubs are a great place to find education classes as well as group rides.

Beginner Bicyclist Packet

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