Commuter Services Launches Commute PA Program and App to Reward Green Trip Tracking

Local commuters can earn rewards by tracking their eco-friendly commute trips


Commuter Services of Pennsylvania is excited to announce the launch of its new rideshare and rewards program for area commuters. Commute PA will help commuters find rideshare partners as well as reward them for tracking green trips. The program is mobile-friendly to allow easy access directly from a smartphone and is available as an iOS app to download.

Commuters can track their telework, transit, carpool, bicycle, walk or vanpool trips for work and earn points for each trip. In addition, users can track and earn points for personal green trips, such as a bike ride to the grocery store or carpool trip to the beach. Those points can then be redeemed for rewards from local and national restaurants, retail locations and entertainment venues. Commuters can also see statistics such as money saved, gallons of gas saved, calories burned and emissions prevented by using an environmentally-friendly commute.

Commute PA is offered by Commuter Services of Pennsylvania. Using the data collected through this new program, Commuter Services can track how many miles are taken off the road, how many green trips are taken, amount of emissions reduced and much more. This data will help Commuter Services develop additional programs in the future to assist those looking for more efficient commuting options.

Commute PA is a program created by NuRide, who helps develop these programs across the country. After launching in 2003, NuRide has enrolled over 150,000 commuters nationwide, saving them over 600 million dollars, taking over 1 and a quarter billion miles off the roads and burning almost 3 billion calories by commuters.