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During the recent weeks, businesses have had to evaluate resilience plans due to the COVID-19 virus and take a look at how to keep their employees safe in the coming weeks.  One topic of interest is how your employees commute to work and what changes need to be made to help limit contact and the potential spread of the virus.  Commuter Services can offer help and guidance as you work to develop contingency plans for your employees.  A few things to consider and make your employees aware of:

  • Teleworking – For those employees that are able to telework, start reviewing internal policies and setting up procedures to start transitioning them to work from home. We have information that we can share to help you through this process.
  • Taking public transit –Each of our transit agencies have information on their website specific to COVID-19 and we encourage those using transit to check all schedules in the upcoming weeks for any changes that might occur.
  • Carpooling – For employees who share rides to work ensure they are taking necessary precautions to remain vigilant during this time, which means not commuting together if you are not feeling well and to make other arrangements.
  • Flexible Scheduling, Staggered Shifts and Compressed Work weeks – For employees that are not able to telework due to the nature of your business, consider adjusting shift times and/or shortening the days they must work in order to reduce the number of people that are gathered together within your worksite.


Below are some additional resources to help you during this time: