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Green Transportation Modes

Active Transportation Walking/Biking


Biking and walking are commuting options that can significantly reduce your commuting costs and be part of a program for better health and fitness. Biking and walking also reduces automobile traffic, which helps to improve air quality. 

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Bike Safety PennDOT

Bike Tips League of American Bicyclists

Bike Helmet Safety

Pedestrian Safety

PA Trails DCNR

Bikes on Buses  CAT *all local transit agencies allow bikes on buses



Commuter Services helps commuters find carpool partners through our Commute PA program and provides advice on successful carpooling. Even carpooling with just one other person could cut your costs in half.

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Carpool Safety Tips

Carpool Etiquette

Transit – Bus


Going by transit or train is a great way for commuters to save money as well as wear and tear on their vehicles. And they can use the commute to read or relax.

Public transportation services in Adams, Berks, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon and York counties are provided by our five Commuter Services transit partners.

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Lebanon Transit

rabbittransit Gettysburg & rabbittransit York




This is the green commute mode with many names!  It can be called teleworking, telecommuting, or, simply, working from home.  It means an employee works from a remote location (often their own home) rather than the office.  It can be done full or part-time. This is one of the greenest modes of commuting because it means that the commuter is not using any modes that generate carbon emissions all or most days that they work. 
If you already telework, Commuter Services can help you to design your workspace to be ergonomically sound, comfortable, and personalized for you.  We can also help you make sure you have all the technology and cybersecurity you need to do your job safely and effectively. 
If your organization has not yet put teleworking into place, we can assist in creating a policy, making it happen, training your managers and employees, and assuring that the process goes a smoothly and productively as possible. 

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Technology Assessment for Teleworking 

Telework Stress Reduction Tips 

Telework Cybersecurity

Setting Up A Successful Home Office