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Andrea McCormick

” I really save money in taking the bus rather than paying for parking in downtown Harrisburg. I live where I can grab the bus and it only take a little planning to make it work. And with PA Commuter Services’ emergency ride help, it’s really worth it.”

Daniel Gingrich

” I bike almost every day from my home in northeast Lancaster city to Millersville where I teach at the Millersville International House. The distance is about five miles. This spring, we got rid of our second car because it needed costly repairs. This gave me a good excuse to bike to work every day. “

Nancy Garman

” I live just outside of Harrisburg (City) and have ridden CAT buses for the past 2 years. It was 2 years ago that I wrecked my car and decided to give it up altogether and ride the bus. I get a bus pass each month and I can literally go anywhere a car can go. I take the bus to work and back home, to the grocery store, pharmacy, malls, doctor appts., etc. Take the bus and lose the car!!”

Mike Peters

” I have a connecting bus between my employment and my final destination at Colonial Park wich is about a 1-1/4 miles along the Greenbelt. I switch between the bus and walking going to Market Square so I can enjoy the scenery along the Susquehanna River. For me it’s a good way to get a little exercise.”

Kathleen Urey-Strickler

” Our Department hired a new employee in our department the beginning of last year and found out that the employee lives in Dallastown. I live in Red Lion. We discussed about carpooling then and since it was not far out of my way to pick her up, I started meeting at her house. One week I drive and the next, she drives but always meeting at her home. We noticed a significant cost reduction in gas.”

Scott MacMillan

” I have been commuting to work for YEARS…..! I have actually put more miles on my bicycle this year than I did on my truck. This year I purchased studded tires so I can ride when there is ice / black ice on the roads. Most of my commute incorporates sections of the Harrisburg Greenbelt which is a great way to get around and a nice break from riding in traffic “

Mark Inge

” Just thought you’d appreciate a report on a successful experience using public transport. It was a trial run, really. Inspired from your instructions, I bought my first 10-trip ticket last week with the LG discount. Then, Saturday I rode my bike two miles to (w)here I caught (the) RRTA bus into town. Bruce, the driver helped me stow my bike into the rack in front of the bus. It was easy. This was my first bus ride & it was cool! Relaxing. Taking in the scenery. You notice more of the architecture and uniqueness of Lancaster when you’re not behind the wheel. People were walking around. Waving to each other. Having conversations. Sometimes we miss out on things living in the suburbs.

The exercise was surprisingly simple. And the first of a pattern, hopefully…even an occasional change of routine helps me stay fresh and is good for the environment. So, thanks!!!”

Keith Spangler

” I started biking two or three months ago in 2008. Working at night puts a unique twist on my commute. My commute, 26 miles round trip, from Mechanicsburg to Harrisburg takes me about an hour before dark and about one hour and 20 minutes after dark. Riding in the darkness isn’t fun, but it can be done. One thing is for sure, there’s less traffic to avoid along the way. The route I take takes advantage of roads with wide shoulders and good artificial light after dark. It also uses a section of the Greenbelt and a conveniently placed tunnel – the one under Cameron Street at the Farm Show facility. The best part of my commute is the ride home in the morning when everyone else is dragging themselves out of bed and into traffic. I often drive into work and then leave the truck there and commute home. Besides saving fuel, I get to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful sunrises. I’ve also started riding my bike to the gym and to the store while at home. The other weekend I left the truck at work for three days and used the bike to get around. What fun. ”

Commuter Services Director’s note:

Please see our Bike & Walk page for helpful tips and click here to check out PennDOT’s bike safety page, where you can find state bicycle laws and other important information!

Andy DeBrunner

” I ride my bike to work most days. My commute takes me through Lemoyne and over the Market Street Bridge into Harrisburg. I have found the roads around the Harrisburg area are surprisingly friendly to riders and I get to work invigorated from the ride. My employer offers a discount to many local gyms, one of which is near my office, so I can clean up and get ready for my day at the gym. Best of all, I rarely need to clean my bathroom at home! That’s a hidden, but important benefit.”

Ellen Morgan

” I was driving at least 62 miles / day to get to and from work. According to the calculator on (I recommend this website!), I spend roughly $ 7,700 per year in gas, tolls and maintenance and insurance. Much like everybody else, gas prices are hitting my budget hard and making that cost go up with each gas price adjustment. I was really looking for a solution. 2 days after I registered on the PA Commuter Services website, I got an e-mail from C.C. One of the services provided on this Web site helps people find car-pool matches. She had entered her information about 1 month prior and we were matched since we both live in S. York and have similar work schedules in Middletown and Hummelstown. We traded a few e-mails, checking to be sure there was compatibility and commitment on both our parts that we truly wanted to give car pooling a try. We met for lunch on a Friday, checked with our bosses on a slight change in hours (7:30 – 4:30 ), and started driving together on Monday. We trade alternate weeks and she leaves her car in my driveway, which is our meeting point.

It’s a win-win situation for everybody. It’s easier on our wallets and for the environment. If the calculator is correct and we are able to continue the car pool, my costs may drop to $4,300 saving me over $3,400 per year. Granted, we’re going to have vacation and sick days, but overall its a big help. One thing that has surprised me is how relaxing it is to have another person drive for a full week. I check voicemail, update my palm pilot and chat with C.C. – who has turned into a real friend in a very short period of time. We found out we have similar taste in music, and that makes it fun.

It may be hard to match up logistics as far as the arrival point and the destination point, and it takes real sacrifice to change your daily habits. Still, with no relief at the pump in sight, many people are trying. Even in our parking lot I see motorcycles (and Dave’s bike) replacing cars – at least in the warmer season. I read an article about an on-line car-pooling Web site that estimates it’s membership has tripled since February. Some business are even offering parking spaces for people who can prove they are car-pooling. Car-poolers may also be eligible for insurance breaks. In my case, I’m not, but in C.C.’s case, there was a small discount with her plan.

Car Pool Tip for the Day Proper tire pressure helps you improve fuel efficiency, better and safer handling and increases the longevity of your tires’ lives which translate into money saved.”