Transit Ride Guide

1. Plan your trip

Check out the Transit Authorities’ websites, email, call or stop by their Transfer Station in person. Transit Authorities can provide their routes and schedules in many different forms. You want to look for the locations of the stops, what times and how much it costs. If you need to transfer, check the locations and times and don’t forget to know the route back! If you are riding to your job check with your supervisor or Human Resources department, they may have route guides/schedules and even offer discounted tickets.


2. Find the bus stop

Make sure you are on the correct side of the road and look for the bus stop sign, typically with the name of the Transit Authority and logo, get to know the logo and color to help you! Give plenty of time to get to the stop early. Once you see the bus approaching check the electronic sign on the front/side of the bus to confirm that is the correct route number and destination you want. If you cannot see the sign, you can always ask the driver. If it is dark or you are the only person there it’s good to make eye contact and wave an arm to get the attention of the driver to stop.


3. Getting on the bus

First, let the bus come to a complete stop and wait for the door to open. If there are passengers getting off the bus, allow them to exit before you enter. Have correct change or bus pass ready to insert into the fare box next to the driver, if you are transferring let the driver know as soon as you get on. Drivers do not have change, so be prepared with dollar bills and quarters. If you would like to be dropped off along the route that isn’t a stop, let the driver know so they can accommodate you as best they can. Once you have verified you are on the correct bus and paid, find a seat as quickly as possible. If all the seats are taken and you have to stand, hold onto a railing. Please remember to allow the front seats to be reserved for senior citizens and passengers with disabilities


4. Riding the bus

Sit back and enjoy the ride. For the courtesy of other riders, please do not smoke, eat or drink and enjoy audio or video devices with head phones. Please keep the aisles clear of any personal belongings for safety. Be attentive for your stop, if you want to confirm with the driver where to drop you off and want to move closer to speak with them, please do so when the bus is not moving. When you get a block away from your stop, you can pull the cord or press the bar at the bottom of the window to let the driver know to stop to let you off.


5. Leaving the bus

Once you have arrived at your stop, remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop. If the bus has a rear door, that is the best exit. Traffic does not treat this bus like a school bus, so be aware and double check traffic before crossing streets.


For more information about a transit agency click on the logo:

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